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next game i think [ DEVLOG 1 ]

Posted by kaiakairos - December 1st, 2023

helo,, it's 2 am rn and im currently listening to tunes and being sleepy. i got some work done today tho, and i thought i'd post it here to hold myself accountable to this project:

around a year ago, i published Snack Slice here on newgrounds. It's the first game I've made that got frontpaged here on ng! A lot of my previous games (pre newgrounds arc) never got a lot of players, so having a game of mine get some love gave me a lot of motivation to make more games here.

It's a buggy, horrible mess that I'm not too proud of, but I must credit it with causing 2023 to be my most productive creative year yet. And for that, I'm grateful.

I've always loved the concept of the game, and I at some point wanted to revisit the idea and make it more stable. That's when I stubbled across a godot plugin that implemented the Box2D physics library. Box2D is MUCH more stable than godots default implemented physics engine, so when I saw this, I knew I had to try recreating the snack slice mechanics...


and so i did!

this new version of the slice mechanic is much, much better. it's now:

  • Much more stable, physics wise. Expect less physics jitter.
  • Supports slicing concave physics objects! (previous only convex shapes would work)
  • Slicing multiple rigid bodies at once is much faster than it was in snack slice (it used to wait a frame between cuts because i was and still am bad at programming)
  • Slicing objects no longer has a random chance to create inaccurate objects and is basically perfect (outside some scenarios where sliced objects are extremely small)

Unfortunately though, the Box2D plugin for godot requires the mono C# version of godot 4, meaning I (at least currently) can't export it to HTML5 to post here on newgrounds. If I make this better version of snack slice, it's going to have to be a downloadable game only.

Unrelated, but I've been wanting to make a steam game. I have some ideas for bigger projects in the far future, but before I go and tackle them, I'd like to get some practice with using steamworks and its api. I got a little bit when putting PNGTuber Plus onto steam, but its not a game, so I didn't get the full experience. I've been wanting to make a small, simple game i can publish to steam, but have it still be beefy enough that it feels fair to charge money for it. I just haven't come across a good idea for what that steam game will be yet...

unless... :0

I want to make Snack Slice 2 (working title) a real, honest to god, steam published commercial game. The concept is simple enough, that I think with a handful of fun mechanics and enough levels, I can make a worthy game without sinking a huge amount of time into it. I want to keep it small, and I don't want to charge a whole lot for it. I mainly just want to learn and get experience rather than make money. I'll shoot for a game only worth a couple bucks, to hopefully not overload myself with work.

This game has a lot more planning and everything to go through, and to be honest, im predicting it won't be much like the original snack slice at all. I don't have much else to share right now, just wanted to throw my ideas onto the grounds cause I like writing up my thoughts (i really should do this more often about random shit tbh)


invisible water floating

anyways goodnight everyone im goin to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzz




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